Monday, October 15, 2012

How to Use an Effective Herbal Treatment to Regroup Hair Damaged by Hair Extensions

Hairweaves and extensions when used frequently can cause thinning and other hair loss conditions such as traction alopecia. Depending on the method of attachment, the damage caused can be anything from moderate to severe.
Hair weaving is based cornrow or track methods when used regularly can cause traction alopecia due to how tight cornrows are braided. Heavy hair sewn on to make things worse and add more strain to the hair follicles, making them weak and causing them to fall out before they finished the phase of natural growth.
Hair weaves are also implemented using purpose made bondingglue called gluten which is usually anti-fungal to prevent infections such as ring worm of the scalp while weaving in use. Glue bond is not to be confused with the adhesive used to attach the lace wig. Hair bonding glue can be black or white and is part of the consistency was much thinner than silicon-based adhesive used for lace wigs. The main ingredient inside rubber latex and sodium polyacrylate.
When using bonding glue, hair parted in the position in which the feed is to be attached, then glue applied to the weft before sticking scalp hair in the desired position. An oil-based remover is usually required to break the bond of the glue to remove it safely. Oil-based remover should be applied and allowed to sit for at least 20 minutes before attempting to remove the hair weft.
Unfortunately, even when care is taken, bonding glue and can stick to the hair out from the roots during the removal. Regular use bonding glue cause thinning hair throughout the head and not just in the temporal region.
If the damage is caused by the ignored weaving and weaving continued to be used, each suffering from hair loss or thinning could become permanent. Permanent hair loss can be avoided by taking a break from weaving and allow time to restore the scalp.
A diet rich in protein, and supplements such as MSM, Vitamin C and Zinc will help your scalp to produce new cells are healthy, and biotin can also help in stretching the hair growth phase. It is very important to note that if your scalp is not allowed time to recover and weaving are still in use, trying to treat the hair and restore it to its original condition will be worth it.
Supplements mentioned earlier will help to ensure that the hair receives adequate nutrition internally, but the same needs to be done externally. If you have bald patches or hair loss is experienced very severe, then a topical treatment such as minoxidil is recommended. Minoxidil is available in 2% and 5% concentration, the concentration of 2% is intended for women. However, a common complaint about the concentration of 2% is that it is not very effective, because she chose to use a concentration of 5% for better results.
Using version 5% but has a weakness, it can cause unwanted facial hair, which by the way disappeared after treatment was stopped. It is not like a heavy price to pay to restore your hair and confidence most times.
For people who prefer to avoid minoxidil all together, Eclipta Alba plant, called Bhringaraj or Bhringraj in Ayurveda has been scientifically proven to be more effective that the current version of minoxidil 2% with no side effects.


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