Saturday, October 20, 2012

Getting Hair Extensions-Step 1 Of 5

Determining whether hairextensions is for you.
Hair extensions are not a one-size-fits-all. There are many factors that you should consider before you even think about getting hair extensions.

1.Time. Long hair requires extra time and work. You will need to allow more time to shampoo, condition, blow dry and style your hair if you get hair extensions. If you currently do not spend a lot of time on your hair, consider how you will make more time in your daily routine to keep and maintain long hair extensions.

2. Money. This is a major factor. Hair extensions can be very expensive. They can range from $ 500 - $ 6000 and up.
Quality hair that is used is directly linked to the price you pay. The higher the price, the better quality --- or at least it should be.
Most of the costs involved in hair extensions is labor. Hair extensions can be very tedious to attach - sometimes taking hairdressers 2-8 hours to attach a full head of extensions. This stylist will give all his / her regularly scheduled appointments to work on your hair.
And hair extensions should be maintained regularly, from every 2 weeks to several months depending on the method. Some hair extensions removed and re-installed. With some methods, you must use a new hair dryer each time re-installed. All of this will require more money.
There are extra hair care products required for some types of hair extensions. Do not spend money to get hair extensions and then destroy them by not buying hair care products right.

3. Hair Condition. Is your hair is damaged in any way? Hair extensions might not be an option for you. Human hair is very heavy and extra extra burden on already damaged hair can cause hair loss naturally --- even cause permanent hair loss. There are a variety of methods designed for damaged hair, but you should always get a second opinion if your hair is in bad condition. Hair no worse than damaged hair!

4. Follow Directions. Are you following the directions? Many hairdressers will send you home with a detailed list of how to care for your hair extensions. If you choose to ignore these instructions, you may be very happy with the results.

5. Understanding the Consequences. Hair extension methods all have the potential to damage your hair. You have to understand how the hair extensions attached to and what could go wrong. Experience your stylist is very important for a successful extension.


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